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The IAD offers expert counsel and coaching to established and emerging artists who want to improve their creative and promotion skills.

Competition is increasingly fierce for artists.

Opportunities are more difficult to find because of all the options art buyers and investors now have at their disposal. The art market is chaotic!

Even though more people today buy art than in all of history, it also means your art gets lost in a hyper-crowded landscape.

Every little burb claims to host a "Fine Art" show,
and to make matters worse, the internet has flooded the market with "County Fair Craft".

The art buying public is confused!

Creating art is one thing, selling it is something else.

Artists today not only have to contend with developing their artistic skills and style, they also have to be their own promoters and marketers, and for most it is incredibly challenging and stressful.

It requires a set of skills most artists don't naturally possess. Thankfully though, PR skills can be learned.

Successful artists rise to the top because they understand ALL THE FACETS of an art career, and they are tireless in their pursuit of not only improving their art, but also connecting with collectors and investors who appreciate their evolving style.

Successful artists know how to create, position, and sell their art. Learn how they do it »»